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Guess Who Officiated Adam Levine's Wedding?

Jul 21, 2014 -- 10:42am

The ceremony took place on Saturday Flora Farms in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and a source told E! News, "Jonah was hysterical. He was telling so many jokes, but then in the middle would be so sweet and sincere."

The insider added, "He also talked about how sweet Behati is and how perfect they are for one another," the source said.

Prinsloo's dad, who is a minister, also gave a blessing during the "loose, romantic and fun" ceremony.

The bride wore a Marchesa gown of beautiful lace with spaghetti straps and silk tulle from knee to floor.

During the reception, Stevie Nicks played, and Levine got on stage and sang with her. Nicks will be Levine’s mentor on the next season of “The Voice.”

Following their wedding festivities, the couple is set to travel to South Africa for their honeymoon.

Levine, 35, proposed to Prinsloo, a 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, in July 2013.



Jake Owen Wins Over Non Country Fans!

Jul 16, 2014 -- 9:52am

Consider yourself warned: If you ever say you hate country music within earshot of Jake Owen, the consequences could be … amazing!

Just ask Ellen Casey, Terri Smith and Nancy Sitarz, three Connecticut moms – friends since middle school – celebrating their 50th birthdays with a girls' weekend trip to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, where Owen just happened to be performing Friday night.

"We had a spa day for all of our birthdays then it was margaritas at the pool," Casey, a hospital administrator from Wallingford, Connecticut, tells PEOPLE Country. "We were just there laughing and chatting. Then I see these boys staring at us and I'm thinking they're either going to pull something or they're going to hit on us!"

After chatting for an hour – "we bonded because my son is in a band called Hostage Calm and Jake was saying how the best thing about what he does for a living is how proud his parents are of him," says Casey – and buying the group drinks and lunch, Owen said there would be tickets at will call and that he hoped they would come to his show.

"Terri was the one who said she hated country music and she didn't believe he was anybody, so she wouldn't even take a picture with him."

"He asked us which one of us was the responsible one, so he knew what name to leave at will call. I told him that's me," says Casey. "And Terri is still not believing him! She's like, 'There's not going to really be tickets.'"

Not only were there tickets (and floor seats!), but Owen, 32, told the crowd about the group of ladies he met at the pool earlier that day.

"Where's Terri?" he called out into the audience. "I was eavesdropping at the pool today and overheard someone say they hated country music." Then he pulled the women up on stage to watch the rest of the show from his onstage tiki bar.

So has Terri changed her opinion of country music? "Yes!" she says. "I am especially a fan of Jake Owen – a huge fan. It was a weekend we'll never forget!"



Breastfeeding Mom Asked to Leave Brad Paisley Concert

Jul 14, 2014 -- 9:48am

A mother who was asked by police officers to leave the pit area of a concert in San Diego because they feared the 4-month-old could be injured says she was asked to leave because she had been breastfeeding her child in public.

Megan Christopherson was at a Brad Paisley concert in San Diego on Thursday night when an officer from the Chula Vista Police Department asked her to leave the area, saying the child could be crushed from a potential surge from the crowd or could be impacted from loud noise coming from speakers.

In the mother's short video clip that she posted on YouTube but has since been taken down, the security officer is seen telling her that the child doesn't have hearing protection and warning her of a crowd surge.

"Where you're at, your child could get crushed,'' the officer says. "We're afraid your child's eardrums are being hurt."

But Christopherson argues in the video that the baby, Gracie, who was asleep, was fine and that she had recently taken the infant to another concert at the same venue and had no problems with security. She also tells the officer that she thinks she's being ejected from the area because other security personnel had allegedly told her to stop breastfeeding because people were complaining.

Ultimately the officer gives her two options: Go to a seated area free of charge or leave the concert and get a refund. Christopherson left with her baby and her 8-year-old daughter.

The officer also tells her it has nothing to do with breastfeeding and that he has contacted the San Diego County district attorney's office regarding the incident.

A statement released Friday by the police department on its website said, "The Chula Vista Police Department's involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother's legal right to breastfeed in public."

The statement said that Christopherson "was near the stage wall area and mere feet away from the speakers" and was advised of the danger, "crushing from potential crowd surge and excessive noise level from the adjacent speaker."

Still, one of Christopherson's friends and some concert-goers corroborated her story to local media.

"Security continued to stand next to her and even photographed her, taking the photos to the supervisor," the friend told NBC 7, regarding the breastfeeding.

Concert-goer Carmen Cooley-Graham told ABC 10 that she saw the incident, and while she wouldn't take a baby to a concert, the child seemed fine.

"All the sudden he said (to her) we got complaints of your breastfeeding," Cooley-Graham said.

"I'm shocked. I'm disgusted at our society that women are shamed into nursing in bathrooms or their cars or feeding their baby a bottle only, because they're scared to nurse in public," Christopherson told NBC on Friday.

The mother insisted to both TV stations that the baby was never uncomfortable or in danger.

"It's a country concert," she told ABC 10. "I wasn't at a death metal or a rap concert. It's pretty somber at country concerts."

"I trust my motherly instinct that if my baby's ears hurt, she would cry, and then I would move out," she told NBC.

Christopherson says she plans to hire a lawyer and wants the security company to come forward with a formal apology.

"We all parent our children different," she said. "That's our right. You're gonna choose something for your child that I'm not gonna choose for my child."

USA Today 

Florida Georgia Line's New Video "Dirt" Is Out!

Jul 08, 2014 -- 8:19am

Dierks Bentley Passes on 3 Major Hits

Jul 02, 2014 -- 8:53am

Maybe somewhere in all of Dierks Bentley's 38 years he's made some mistakes bigger than these. But the three hits he didn't record have to at least be in his Top 10 list of career regrets.

There are some great tunes Bentley heard, then turned down, that then went on to be massive hits. According to the The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville, Bentley revealed some of those titles during a show at Nashville's Marathon Music Works last week.

1. "I Drive Your Truck"
This finely-crafted ballad of mourning in nontraditional ways was written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jimmy Yeary. After Bentley said "No, thanks," Lee Brice said "Yes, please." Brice's recording of the song was released in late 2012 and has sold roughly 870,000 copies in the U.S.

2. "Drink a Beer"
You know what they say: One man's trash is another man's platinum treasure. Jim Beavers and Chris Stapleton wrote this ballad which Bentley ultimately turned down. But Luke Bryan picked it up and ran with it. In November 2013, Bryan released it, and everyone went crazy for it. The single has sold more than sold 1.1 million copies in the U.S. alone.

3. "Watching Airplanes"
Beavers wrote this one, too, with Jonathan Singleton. Bentley declined it, and Gary Allan took this song to the top of the charts in 2008.

Despite the success of those three particular songs, Bentley has a good perspective on music.

"It's all about the right song finding the right home," Bentley said, adding he thought "Drink a Beer" was a good fit for Bryan.

Beavers and Bentley have been writing together since Bentley first started making music in Nashville, right around the time he graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1997. Even Beavers' brother Brett has been writing with Bentley all these years as well. Brett and Bentley co-wrote his 2003 debut song "What Was I Thinkin'."

I'd love to know if Bentley has recorded hit songs that other artists have turned down. It would be a short list, I think, because Bentley tends to write his own material. His first 18 singles were all ones he wrote or co-wrote. In fact, "Tip It on Back" and "Bourbon in Kentucky" -- from 2012 -- were the first singles he released that he wasn't involved in writing.



Emergency Evacuation Chute Inflates Inside Aircraft Mid Flight

Jun 30, 2014 -- 9:45am

A United Airlines flight bound for southern California with 101 people on board was diverted to Wichita, Kansas on Sunday night after an emergency evacuation chute inflated inside the aircraft in mid-flight, the airline said.

United flight 1463, which was carrying 96 passengers with five crew members on board, was bound for Orange County's John Wayne Airport, south of Los Angeles, when the emergency chute accidentally deployed, the airline said.

"The flight diverted to Wichita ... No one was injured and the flight landed safely," United said in a statement. The Boeing 737-700 took off from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

United said all passengers were seated at the time of the incident and added that earlier reports that a passenger had attempt to open the door in flight were false.

It said its maintenance team would inspect the aircraft to determine what happened.





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