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Brett Eldredge Diving With Sharks Soon??

Apr 15, 2014 -- 7:56am

Brett Eldredge claims he’s not a daredevil, but his actions prove otherwise: after he garnered his first No. 1 hit with “Don’t Ya” he went skydiving.
“I always dreamed of having a No. 1 song,” Eldredge told Radio.com. “Before the song even went No. 50, I made a bet with my team that if the song went to No. 1, I would skydive. I knew that getting a No. 1 song is like winning the lottery.”
Soon enough, though, “Don’t Ya” made it to the top position on the charts.
“The next thing you know, it hits No. 20 and 15 and 10 and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I might really have to go skydiving and I’m so scared of heights.’ It got to No. 1 and the next thing I know I’m 14,000 feet up looking out the window of an airplane and there I was, I had a No. 1 song. It was a crazy ride and I feel so blessed about that.”
Eldredge’s “crazy ride” is continuing, as he’s nominated as New Artist of the Year at this Sunday’s ACM Awards and his current single “Beat of the Music” is climbing up the charts. So what bet does he wager if “Beat of the Music” makes it to No. 1?
“I was scared to make any more bets. I’m not even that much of a daredevil but I suddenly am and people think I’m crazy,” he said. “I said I would go shark diving, but it would have to be in a cage. If ‘Beat of the Music’ gets to No. 1 I’ll jump into this cage with sharks.”
He won’t have sharks in the cage, he clarified, but they’ll likely be swimming around him.
“I’ll be in there and hopefully I survive. I survived the sky diving, I think I can definitely survive sharks.”

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