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Is Jason Aldean Already Married to Brittany Kerr?

Oct 31, 2014 -- 4:34am

 It's been a little over a month since JASON ALDEAN announced that he and BRITTANY KERR were engaged.  And now there's talk they may ALREADY be married. 

It's mostly because of an Instagram photo that Brittany posted on Wednesday of two hands holding coffee mugs.  She captioned it, "Mornin' coffee at home with my hubby @JasonAldean." 

Tons of people commented and asked if they really ARE married, but she didn't confirm.  So, I guess there's the possibility that they eloped or something but didn't announce it.  Or, she's just getting a head start on calling him "hubby."

If they are married, then he was hiding it well on Tuesday at the taping of his "CMT Crossroads" with BOB SEGER.  Somebody asked if they've set a date and Jasonsaid, quote, "We're just trying to figure it out.  

"We just kind of finished a tour, so we've finally got a couple months at the house to figure some of this stuff out for a change.  It'll probably be sooner rather than later.  As far as details, I don't have any."

Hunter Hayes' Mom Took Guitar Lessons So He Wouldn't Do Gigs Alone

Oct 30, 2014 -- 4:59am

 It's not unusual to hear performers say they wouldn't have made it without the support and encouragement from their parents.  HUNTER HAYES got that, and a little extra.

He explains, quote, "My mom, one summer, decided, 'You know what?  How about I go and get a guitar and learn to play so that when you do your acoustic gigs, I can accompany you.'  And that's exactly what she did."

His mom taught him a few guitar basics, and then he took it from there.  He adds, quote, "I kept practicing, and she didn't."  (Here's video of him and his mom talking about it.  It's from Saturday's edition of "CMT Inside Fame".)

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John Carter Cash Was Arrested for "Stripping to His Underwear" and Causing a Disturbance

Oct 29, 2014 -- 4:58am

JOHN CARTER CASH . . . the only child of JOHNNY and JUNE CARTER CASH . . . was arrested Monday afternoon for disturbing the peace and being drunk in public, after stripping down to his underwear at an airport in Canada.

He was at Deer Lake Airport in Northeastern Canada on his way home from a hunting trip when things went bad.  Police got a report at 2:10 P.M. that a man had taken his clothes off and was only in his underwear. 

Airport security convinced him to put his clothes back on by the time the cops arrived.  Even though he was arrested, no charges were filed because he was co-operative and has no criminal record.

He was expected to leave town the next day, which was yesterday.  If there's any bright side, security said that very few people witnessed the event.  John Carter is 44.

Luke Bryan Will Stop Shaking His Butt on Stage in 10 Years

Oct 27, 2014 -- 4:56am

  Ladies, if one of your bucket list items is seeing LUKE BRYAN shake his butt live and in person, well, you have less than a DECADE to see that through.

In an interview with "Nightline" he said, quote, "Ten years from now will I be on stage dancing?  No I won't be.  I would certainly say [my shows] will be much more tame.

"I'm up there being really free, relaxed and chilled out . . . and that's really our basis for dancing and having fun.  And if fans want to create fan pages dedicated to my butt I will take that as flattering."

Luke also admitted that social media posts have influenced which songs he's performed in concert.  He said, "They didn't even know they were advising me.

"They just said something about 'why don't you do this anymore' and then we'll put it back in the set.  I don't think you can ever stop gaining knowledge from, first of all, the fans.  They have to tell you your direction."

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