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Carrie Underwood is "Insanely Pregnant", But Will Still Watch Sunday's Game

Jan 30, 2015 -- 4:47am

CARRIE UNDERWOOD's Super Bowl experience will be entirely different this year.  I'll let her explain:  Quote, "I am going to be insanely pregnant, but I will be watching, for sure.  I don't know if I've ever NOT watched a Super Bowl. 

"And I do kind of still get to kick-off, because we did our whole 'Waiting All Day for Super Bowl'."

Eric Church Believes the Term "Outlaw" is "Misused" in Country Music

Jan 29, 2015 -- 4:41am

 You probably know that WAYLON JENNINGS and WILLIE NELSON spearheaded the "outlaw movement" of the 1970s.  They did things THEIR way, not caring how Nashville felt about it.

But these days it seems like EVERYONE claims to be an outlaw . . . and ERIC CHURCH has a problem with that.  

He says, quote, "I feel like the outlaw word is the low-hanging fruit that everybody goes for.  When you don't really know how to identify something, you reach for that.  And that part bothers me.  

"I mean, I love that era of music.  And it's not just the Waylons and Willies.  That was a broader era than just that.  But the actual name of it is something that I think gets used a lot.  And misused.

Is Blake Shelton the New Taylor Swift?

Jan 28, 2015 -- 5:19am

  There was an article in the "Washington Post" saying BLAKE SHELTON has replaced TAYLOR SWIFT as the face of country music.  CMT.com condensed it down to six points that are worth talking about.  Here they are:

1.  His massive mainstream success on "The Voice" has earned him fans outside the country bubble.  (That, and being married to MIRANDA LAMBERT.)

2.  His country-boy-in-the-big-city image works, and it's not an act.  (True that.)

3.  The way he's stayed true to his image:  The hard-drinking partier, which is "universally relatable."  (And, he's funny as hell.  That's totally part of the image.)

4.  He's open about his drinking.  Super open.  The guy has no shame and nothing to hide.  (The "nothing to hide" part will come crashing down the minute he cheats on Miranda.  Let's pray that never happens.)

5.  He can't believe he's as famous as he is.  (Agreed.  Humility is always good in show business.)

6.  Nashville needs Shelton.  (Debatable.  Nashville would be fine without him.  On the other hand, he's a hell of an asset.)

Do YOU think Blake Shelton is the new face of Country Music?


Eric Church Hopes His Wife Doesn't Go Into Labor at the Grammys

Jan 27, 2015 -- 4:40am

Next month's Grammys are going to be a big deal for ERIC CHURCH.  He's up for FOUR awards, he's one of the performers at the show, and it's a real possibility that his wife could go into labor that night.

She's due to give birth to the couple's second child the week after the show, and you never know with things like that.  Still, she has every intention of being with him. 

He tells the "Tennessean", quote, "This gets tricky.  We're trying to see if she can fly out for just the day.  We're working on it.  She wants to [be there].  If she goes into labor at the Grammys, that will be an interesting night for all of us." 

All he can really do at this point is keep his fingers crossed:  Quote, "I told her if we could just make it to the day after the Grammys, we're good.  We'll make it work."  The Grammys are February 8th on CBS. 


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