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Hillary Scott Sings Old-School Hymns When There's Airplane Turbulence

Feb 27, 2015 -- 4:31am

  HILLARY SCOTT of LADY ANTEBELLUM is not a huge fan of airplanes, which has to be tough because she's in them a lot.  And like many people with a fear of flying, she has a coping mechanism.

She says, quote, "I get nervous on planes, so [I put] some old-school hymns or gospel on.  If there's turbulence it's 'How Great Thou Art'.

"I was on a plane from Philly to San Francisco right before Christmas and it was the most turbulent landing and I was literally singing 'How Great Thou Art' in my row.  I don't mess around.  I'm going to get right with God if it's going down!"

Jason Aldean Says the Right People Don't Always Get Always Get Nominated for Awards

Feb 26, 2015 -- 4:52am

Even though JASON ALDEAN has three ACM nominations, he's kind of thinking the whole awards thing is just a crapshoot.  He says, quote, "Obviously, when you get nominated for awards, it's a huge honor and a big pat on the back. 

"When you're not, you can jump up and down and pitch a fit, but it almost makes you look worse by doing that.  The right people don't always get nominated.  The right people don't always win.  That's sort of the way it is."

(Jason's up for Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Vocalist . . . and Album of the Year for "Old Boots, New Dirt".  The ACMs are April 19th on CBS.)

Brantley Gilberts new Tattoo....let's just say "Right to Bear Arms"?

Feb 25, 2015 -- 4:51am

BRANTLEY GILBERT posted an Instagram of a tattoo artist doing some work on his back.  He captioned it, "So my boy Carl Grace came by.  Because it was Monday."  And then yesterday, Tuesday, he posted a photo of the final product . . . a double-pistol back tattoo.



Jake Owen's Mom Was a National Watermelon Queen

Feb 24, 2015 -- 4:54am

 JAKE OWEN did "Us Weekly's" 25 Things You Don't Know About Me.  The best one?  His mom was a National Watermelon Queen.  Here are a few of our favorites:

1.  "I could fish all day, catch nothing, and be happy."

4.  "I don't really like wine."

6.  "I hate mayonnaise."

13.  "I don't have tonsils."

17.  "I've broken my collarbone two times."

20.  "I'm a really fast runner.  I've never lost a footrace."

22.  "My mom was National Watermelon Queen."

You can check out the entire list at UsMagazine.com.

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