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Dustin Lynch hit the face with a beer can!

Oct 20, 2014 -- 4:50am
Dustin was playing at the "Mullet Festival" when he got hit in the face by a beer someone threw from the crowd. 
Dustin tried to figure out who there the beverage, and later went to the hospital having to get stitches in his face. 
Dustin will be here for our KAT Jam on November 19th.

Seven Great Things About Not Dating Anyone

Oct 17, 2014 -- 5:01am
  If you've been feeling down lately because you're single and not getting any dates, listen up, because today we have a list of seven GREAT things about not dating anyone . . .

1.  You save money.

2.  You can eat as repulsively as possible.

3.  You have time to do whatever you want because you don't have to check with your significant other first.

4.  Ladies, you don't have to worry about always shaving your legs.

5.  And you can wear comfortable underwear without having to worrying about wearing sexy ones.

6.  No one is messing up your Netflix recommendations.

7.  You're more likely to end up in a relationship when you least expect it.

Brad Paisley is Launching His Own Clothing Line

Oct 16, 2014 -- 4:54am

Just in time for the holidays, BRAD PAISLEY is launching his own clothing line.  It's called Moonshine Spirit and it features casual wear like boots, jeans, hats, T-shirts, accessories, and the always popular, woven shirts. 

Brad calls it, quote, "Hip, modern, progressive, rugged and country."  He's partnering with Boot Barn and the collection will debut at the grand opening of their Nashville store on October 24th.  Find out more at BradPaisley.com

Jake Owen Loves "Making the Crowd Erupt" When He Performs "What We Ain't Got"

Oct 15, 2014 -- 4:37am

Concerts are like parties.  They're loud, people are all excited, frosty beverages are consumed.  But they have quiet moments too . . . where the artist goes acoustic and grabs the audience a little tighter.

JAKE OWEN had that in mind when he put out "What We Ain't Got".  He explains, quote, "It's this big arena, but you can hear a pin drop.  And then when the song is over, the crowd just erupts.  That's exactly why I released that song."

He also likes that it's a change from his lightweight stuff, like "Beachin'" and "Days of Gold".  He adds, quote, "I could've released a song that was down the middle.  The ones that are pleasant to hear even if you're not listening to the words.

"But with this one, it makes people think.  [It] means something and says something that's poignant and will last forever."

Jake says "What We Ain't Got" is the favorite song he's ever recorded, so chances are we'll be hearing similar stuff in the future:  Quote, "I don't think we have enough songs right now that make you go, 'Man, have you heard that song?'"

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