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The World's Top 10 Google Searches of 2014

Dec 16, 2014 -- 5:41am

Google released the top searches of the year last night.  And it's a top ten list for the entire WORLD . . . so there's a giant "one of these things is not like the other" vibe for one of the items on the list.  You'll know it when you hear it . . .


1.  Robin Williams.


2.  The World Cup.


3.  Ebola.


4.  Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 . . . that's the flight that went missing in March, not the one that was shot down in July.


5.  ALS . . . because of the Ice Bucket Challenge, obviously.


6.  Flappy Bird.


7.  Conchita Wurst . . . a drag queen from Austria who won the Eurovision song contest.


8.  ISIS.


9.  "Frozen".


10.  Sochi.  Don't the Winter Olympics seem like a long time ago? 

Don't Believe The Rumors, Brooks And Dunn Never Hated Each Other

Dec 10, 2014 -- 5:27am

BROOKS & DUNN surprised everyone when they announced they're reuniting for a series shows in Vegas with REBA MCENTIRE.  We thought they were sick of each other after 20 years of being a duo.  But that's not the case. 


Kix joked about it to "Rolling Stone", saying, quote, "We've been going to dinners and on vacations together, which is pretty amazing considering Ronnie and I hate each other and don't get along."


Ronnie adds, quote, "There's never been hate or discord.  We've never not been friends."


Like any relationship, they've had their differences.  Kix says, quote, "We've never been afraid to express our differences of opinions to each other.  Ronnie and I always considered ourselves brothers more than friends."


And just in case somebody does get grumpy in Vegas, Reba will be there to smooth things out.  Kix says, quote, "We needed a good referee.  [She] makes us both behave.  It really is a great way for Ronnie and I to get back together."

Someone Spent $15,000 To Pay Off Someone's Layaway At WalMart

Dec 08, 2014 -- 5:07am

 A woman named Joyce Hyatt recently put a bunch of presents for her grandkids on layaway at a Walmart in Moraine, Ohio, outside Dayton.  Then her husband Harold got laid off, and they couldn't afford them.


But last Thursday, they found out their Christmas won't be cancelled after all . . . because someone randomly dropped $15,000 to pay for other people's layaway items.


The person asked to remain anonymous, but the manager of the store says they specifically asked for the money to go toward toys and gifts for kids.


Another woman named Pat Davis got pretty emotional when she found out they paid for a Spider-Man bike she had on layaway for her grandson.


While she was trying not to cry, she told the local news that, quote, "there ARE good people out there."

Here Are The Top 10 "Naughty" Shopping Habits

Dec 05, 2014 -- 5:23am

We use the whole "naughty or nice" thing to keep kids in line.  But according to a new survey on "naughty" shopping habits, a lot of ADULTS should be expecting coal in their stockings this year.  Here are the top ten holiday shopping habits we're ashamed of.



1.  57% of us have re-gifted something we didn't like.


2.  54% have snuck a peek at a present someone else got for them.  (Which isn't really a "shopping" habit, but okay.)


3.  42% have opened something in a store and not bought it.


4.  29% of people say that if a cashier gave them too much change, they'd keep it.


5.  26% of men and 21% of women have bumped another car in a parking lot, and pretended it didn't happen.


6.  23% of us have stolen a parking spot that someone else was waiting for.


7.  19% have intentionally cut in line at a store.


8.  13% have bought something, and then claimed they MADE it.  We assume that means things like pies for a party, or something on Etsy that was handmade.


9.  12% have illegally parked in a handicapped spot while they were shopping.


10.  9% have snuck something through a self-checkout line without paying for it.  (Also, 22% of us have LIED to a child and said Santa isn't real.) 

The Top 10 Yahoo News Searches Of 2014. Wait, People Still Search With Yahoo?

Dec 04, 2014 -- 5:33am

Yahoo News just released their list of the top news searches for 2014.  People still use that, right?  Here's their top ten . . .



1.  Ebola.


2.  The death of ROBIN WILLIAMS.


3.  The midterm elections.


4.  Leaked photos.


5.  Malaysia Airlines . . . both the flight that disappeared in March, and when a different flight was shot down in July.


6.  Ferguson, Missouri


7.  Jodi Arias . . . the woman in Arizona who was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend.


8.  ISIS and ISIL.


9.  Domestic violence.


10.  Obamacare. 

The Teaser Trailer For The New Star Wars Movie Looks AWESOME!!!!

Dec 01, 2014 -- 5:27am

Get ready... The Force has awakened! You won't see it until next DECEMBER...



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