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IKEA Has a New Ad Where They Spoof "The Shining"

Oct 23, 2014 -- 5:34am

If you've ever wandered around an IKEA, then you know it's a giant, terrifying place.  Where else can you buy a bowl of questionable Swedish meatballs AND a dining room table to put them on?


IKEA seems to realize this, too . . . and just in time for Halloween.  They have an ad spoofing the classic scene in"The Shining" with the little kid on the big wheel.  But in their ad, the kid rides around a dark, scary IKEA store.

Six Weird Things Banned In Other Countries

Oct 21, 2014 -- 5:30am

If you think we've got too many laws in THIS country, here are six weird things OTHER countries have banned.


1.  Lip-synching.  Turkmenistan banned it in 2005 to preserve their, quote, "true culture."  They also decided that opera and ballet are, quote, "unnecessary".


2.  Ponytails on men.  Iran banned them in 2010.  And they basically said guys can't have long hair in general.


3.  Running out of gas on the highway.  If you do it on the Autobahn in Germany, it's a $100 fine.  Then if you walk to GET gas, it's another $100 fine, because walking on the Autobahn is ALSO illegal.


4.  Dancing in clubs.  It's technically illegal in Tokyo after midnight.  They're talking about changing it before they host the 2020 Olympics though.


5.  Porn stars with small breasts.  In 2010, Australia made it illegal for porn stars to even LOOK younger than 18.  So if you're flat-chested and 50, you CAN be in a porno.  But probably not if you're flat-chested and younger than about 30.


6.  Movies about time travel.  In China, it's illegal to watch movies or TV shows about time travel, because according to the government, it "disrespects history." 

Did Your Weekend Suck? Here Are SOme Lies To Make It Sound Like You Had A Better Time.

Oct 20, 2014 -- 5:29am

Last week, there was a story that said you're basically worthless at work by 10:19 Friday morning, because you start thinking about the weekend.  But then more than 10% of us end up LYING about what we did so it seems more interesting.


Well, now ANOTHER study claims it's more like 30%.  And it also found the most COMMON lies people tell.  Here are the top five.


1.  That you went out with a bunch of friends on Saturday, and it got CRAZY.


2.  That you did something adventurous, which could mean anything from hiking to skydiving.


3.  That you did something educational, like going to a museum.


4.  That you went out to an expensive restaurant for dinner.


5.  That you went AWAY with someone for the weekend.

Country Quiz Time!! Who Said This..........

Oct 17, 2014 -- 5:40am

"I like cheap beer.  Don't give me any of that craft stuff."


A.  Gretchen Wilson


B.  Shawna Thompson (of Thompson Square)


C.  Angaleena Presley (of The Pistol Annies)


D.  Kellie Pickler


E.  Dolly Parton


F.  Karen Fairchild (of Little Big Town)


ANSWER:  C.  ANGALEENA PRESLEY, in "Rolling Stone", when asked to name her favorite alcoholic beverage.  She adds, quote, "Liquor makes me crazy and wine puts me to sleep so I'm a 100% beer drinker.


"I drank Bud Light forever, but now I drink Corona because it has less gluten content.  Don't tell my redneck friends that because I'll be out of the club."


Angaleena admits she's done her share of partying . . . but she's also learned to pace herself:  Quote, "I've done crazy stuff but I think I've honed my craft, so now I'm pretty good at it.  I know my limits, having learned them the hard way."

Blake Shelton Now Know How To "Listen To Music", Thanks To The Doobie Brothers

Oct 16, 2014 -- 5:21am

Have you ever THOUGHT you understood the meaning of a song . . . until you read the lyrics and realized you were way off?  That's what happened to BLAKE SHELTON when he was IN the studio withTHE DOOBIE BROTHERS.


They were working on "Listen to the Music" for the Doobie's country duets album.  Blake tells "People", quote, "We were recording the song and I'm looking at the lyric going, 'I didn't realize that's what you were saying.'


"[They go], 'Yeah, this is like a statement on world leaders, if they can all get together and hang out together.'  It's like, 'What?  I just thought it was about whistling while you work or something!'"



The album, which is titled "Southbound", is out November 4th.  Other performers include Toby KeithBrad PaisleyChris YoungHunter Hayes and Zac Brown.  You can check out a behind-the-scenes clip at Billboard.com

Would You Ever Sell Your Pet? This Family Did When They Sold Their House For An Additional $122,000

Oct 15, 2014 -- 5:24am

You might say there's NO amount of money that could get you to give away your family's cat . . . and you would be wrong.  For THIS amount of money, you'd HAPPILY give away your cat, and get a new cat . . . a BETTER cat.


Michael and Fran Perceval of Glen Iris, Australia were trying to sell their five-bedroom house.   And when a family was looking at it, they saw the Percevals' cat, Tiffany . . . and their daughters fell in love with her.


The Percevals wanted $1.8 million for their house, and the family offered to pay $1.92 million under one condition . . . the Percevals included THE CAT with the house.


The Percevals decided that yes, they would gladly part with their cat for $122,000 . . . and made the deal.


Michael and Fran say they're fine with it, but their 19-year-old son Sam isn't particularly happy.  He bought her at a pet shop when she was a kitten four years ago.  They're going to give him a $17,500 cut to ease his pain.


The Percevals are planning to adopt a new cat once they move.





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