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Wanna Take A Tour Of Brad Paisley's Private Bar?

Sep 17, 2014 -- 5:31am

BRAD PAISLEY is finally showing off those whiskey glasses he pocketed from Air Force One when he traveled to Afghanistan with PRESIDENT OBAMA earlier this year. 


He gave "People" a video tour of his at-home bar.  It's modeled after pubs in Dublin, Ireland, and it's sweet.  The walls are constructed with natural maple wood and rock.  There's even cold beer on tap and neon beer signs.


But the best part may be that it's stocked with his collection of rare alcohols, including bottles of legal and ILLEGAL moonshine.


Anyway, back to those whiskey glasses.  At one point in the video he brags, quote, "Something unique to this bar that you can only get one other place in the world . . . is a shot of bourbon in an Air Force One glass." 

Was Toby Keith Drunk On Stage At His Show This Past Weekend?

Sep 16, 2014 -- 5:52am

There's a pretty good chance TOBY KEITH was drunk while performing at his concert on Saturday near Indianapolis.  And it totally affected his performance . . . in a bad way.


Tons of people who were at the show hit up social media with comments that ranged from severe disappointment to demands for a refund.


One fan Tweeted, "Awful show last night.  So drunk it was pathetic.  When your 11-year-old daughter asks 'What's wrong with Toby?'"  Another wrote, "This is disappointing.  Paid a lot for these tickets and he is too drunk to sing." 


This one said, "Very disappointed in Indy show.  T.K. too stoned.  Can't remember words.  I'm a nurse.  What if I came to work drunk?"  And another, "Toby Keith is too drunk and keeps singing the same verse repeatedly."


SavingCountryMusic.com has a page full of fan comments that were posted on Twitter.  As of last night there's been no word from Toby, or from any of his people.


This isn't the first time Toby's been accused of performing drunk.  It's believed he was half in the bag for his RodeoHouston concert last year.

On Friday, Rory McIlroy Hit A Drive, And It Landed In A Fan's Pocket

Sep 15, 2014 -- 5:24am

On Friday, RORY MCILROY hit a drive at the Tour Championship in Atlanta that hit a tree . . . and then landed in a fan's POCKET.


Luckily, the fan stayed where he was.  So all Rory had to do was take the ball from him, drop it, and he didn't get penalized.  Then he made par, but ended up finishing the tournament in second place.



Randy Travis Was Removed From The Welcome Sign In His Hometown

Sep 12, 2014 -- 5:22am

RANDY TRAVIS' hometown of Marshville, North Carolina has removed his name from all their welcome signs, and replaced it with a sign that only has an illustration of a train.  But they insist it's not personal.  A city official said, quote, "It's nice, it's dignified, and it gets the job done.  There was no disrespect to Randy Travis.  It looks more like your traditional welcome sign."

There Are Screen Doors Squeaking and Kids Talking on Lee Brice's Song "Whiskey to Burn"

Sep 11, 2014 -- 5:32am

If you're planning to buy LEE BRICE'S album "I Don't Dance", make sure you listen closely to the song "Whiskey to Burn" . . . because part of it was recorded in the middle of a party.


Lee wrote it with two songwriters while sitting around a picnic table with all kinds of chaos going on . . . and they recorded a rough cut right there on his phone.  It wasn't until later, when he listened to the raw version, that he heard all the background stuff. 


He said, quote, "There's kids running around and there's screen doors squeaking open.  We had no idea until we listened back to it." 


Lee didn't think much of it until he finished recording the album . . . and then listened to the studio version of "Whiskey to Burn".  He didn't like it as much as the original.  He said, quote, "The work tape, it was magic.  There's this life in it. 


"I missed those kids talking in the background, I missed those doors squeaking and the wind blowing."  So they went BACK and inserted the original.  He adds, quote, "On the record, the first half of it is the work tape, and then it morphs into the studio version."

Dustin Lynch Says He Wouldn't Be Successful Without.........College?

Sep 10, 2014 -- 5:24am

Parents, if your kid wants to be a country star, tell them to practice, practice, practice . . . and then go to college.  And when they roll their eyes and mumble "you're crazy", tell them about DUSTIN LYNCH.


He wouldn't have a career without it.  He says, quote, "I would not be where I am today if I didn't go to college.  I learned how to focus for long periods of time. 


"It's hard work going to school and trying to chase a dream in Nashville, and all of that is what I'm using today . . . [especially] the time management skills."


But what if your child has no idea what they want to do with their life, well, even more reason to enroll.  He adds, quote, "Finishing your education after high school allows you that buffer of, 'What do I like in life?  What brings me joy?  Do I like numbers?  


"'Do I like frogs and dissecting them?  What do I like to do?'  That's the most important thing.  You don't wanna be stuck with a job you don't enjoy.  If you're on the fence of 'should I go to school, should I not go to school?'  The answer is go."

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