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Half Court Hook Earns A Heat Fan 75K And An Unexpected Bonus

Jan 30, 2013 -- 1:52pm
We've all seen those halftime promotions where a random fan is chosen to attempt a nearly impossible feat to win a large amount of money or some kind of brand new vehicle. Most of the time, these poor saps fail miserably and go home empty handed. Not this time.
During one such halftime promotion at a recent Miami Heat home game against the Detroit Pistons, a guy named Mike Drysch was given the opportunity to pocket a cool 75 thou if he could sink a shot from the half court line. Well, Mike wound up, fired an awkward hook shot towards the basket and it went in! Nothin' but net (almost).
Not only did he win a small fortune, he also got up close and personal with LaBron James who rushed up to congratulate Mike with a big sweaty hug that sent both men sprawling in a heap on the American Airlines Arena hardwood floor.
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