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Jana Kramer Gives Fiancé Brantley Gilbert An Surprising Nickname

May 01, 2013 -- 2:12pm
When it comes to planning his wedding with Jana Kramer, Brantley Gilbert is committed. So much so that his bride-to-be has dubbed him "Groomzilla!" Not something you'd expect from a guy so seemingly rough around the edges. But he's totally involved, talking to planners, hiring the band and arranging the fireworks for the reception for starters.
It is, for the most part, going very smoothly. Except the day the happy couple were scouting locations for the ceremony. They were in his car behind a group of planners who were, apparently, not moving quickly enough.
“I was supposed to be following them, and they were driving, like, 30, and dude, I just can’t work with that,” Brantley recalls. “I was at home in Georgia, and I know all those roads and they were getting lost. And finally, I was just like, ‘To hell with it.’ I passed ‘em, and I met ‘em there. I was like, ‘Y’all just meet us at the place. Y’all got GPS.’”
That's when Jana gave him his new nickname. "Groomzilla."
Just wondering if Brantley's buds are giving him a hard time about it... 

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