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Blake Shelton: "I'm Not Sure It's Legal"

Dec 02, 2013 -- 3:59pm

Uh, oh. Blake Shelton's wedding officiating skills may not be all that, he revealed Wednesday (Nov. 20) onThe Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

When Leno asked Shelton if he officiated at Kelly Clarkson's recent wedding, he said no. That's only because she decided to elope, but then Shelton said he has officiated at other wedding ceremonies.


"I have done this before. I married my sister, and I know that sounds weird. I'm from Oklahoma," he joked. "I've married several couples."

But when Leno asked him where he got the power to do so, Shelton gets a little concerned.

"Now that you say it, I'm not sure it's legal," he said. "I have one of those ordained ministry things off the Internet. And now that I'm talking about it out loud, I'm pretty sure maybe none of these were legal."

Considering all the family and business connections, it's probably a good thing he didn't handle Clarkson's wedding.

"My manager's married to Reba [McEntire], and then his son, who is also my manager, married Kelly," Shelton explained. "I just wanna make this seem as inbred as I possibly could."

He also talked about his own marriage to Miranda Lambert and how she was actually in Los Angeles that same day during a photo shoot for her next album.

"We're actually together, despite what you may read," he said.

Today's Hoda Kotb joined Shelton on Leno's couch later in the show, and they both admitted to having crushes on one another.

"I like me some Hoda," Shelton said. After watching her milk a goat he added, "I have a serious crush now."

And Kotb just flat-out said, "This is a real, authentic crush."

As if that was news to anyone who watches her on Today.


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