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The Woman Tim McGraw Smacked Wants an Apology . . . And Probably a Payday

Jul 28, 2014 -- 5:11am

The woman TIM MCGRAW smacked for grabbing and ripping his jeans at a concert earlier this month has hired a personal injury attorney.  They've contacted Tim's people but there's no word if a lawsuit has been filed.

The woman's name is Jesslyn Taylor, and she wants a personal apology from Tim . . . but you don't need a lawyer for that.  It sounds like they're trying to set up her innocence so she can score a big payday.

The attorney told TMZ that she was NOT trying to grab Tim and it was an accident that she hooked onto his jeans.  She also feels "humiliated" by all the bad press. 

Both TMZ and "Billboard" have reached out to Tim's people but there's been no response.

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