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Some Fascinating Odds for the Upcoming NFL Season

Aug 13, 2014 -- 5:09am

 We're less than a month away from the start of football season . . . so while everyone is sitting around suffering through pre-season games, we thought we'd toss out some fascinating odds for the upcoming NFL season, courtesy of Bovada's online sportsbook.

Here are some lines we liked, along with their odds as of late last night.

The Denver Broncos are the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl, at 13-to-2.  Last year's champs, the Seattle Seahawks, are a close second, at 15-to-2, as part of a three-way tie with the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the longest odds, at 250-to-1.  The Tennessee Titans are a bit better at 100-to-1, along with the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills(You can see where all the teams rank, here.)

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is the odds-on favorite to win this year's MVP award, at 3-to-1.  He's followed by Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers (6-to-1) and New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees (8-to-1).

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has the best odds to lead the league in rushing yards at 4-to-1.

LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles and Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs follow with odds of 9-to-2 and 7-to-1, respectively.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is expected to lead the league in receiving yards.  He boasts 13-to-5 odds, followed by Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys at 15-to-2 . . .

Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas and Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons are next, tied at 8-to-1.

Elsewhere, Robert Griffin the Third has the best odds for being named the Comeback Player of the Year at 5-to1 . . . and Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has 2-to-1 odds of being the first coach FIRED.

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