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Have I Been Driving Wrong All These Years?

Jul 17, 2012 -- 12:46pm


They say you learn something new every day. Can You un-learn something that was drilled into your head decades ago? When I took drivers ed class, they taught me the safest way to hold the steering wheel was at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock.  In other words, on the top half of the steering wheel, with one hand on each side . . . where the 10 and two are on a standard clock. You were prbably taught the same thing. Well . . . apparently that's now a BAD idea. Here's why:

If you get in an accident and the airbag deploys, your arms will be in the way . . . they'll get THROWN back into your face . . . and your hands or forearms could end up smashing your teeth and nose.

So now you're supposed to hold the wheel in the middle of each side . . . at nine and three. Or even a little below that . . . at eight and four.

Steering wheels on a lot of newer cars are even designed so that your hands naturally hold them in the safer position. You're also not supposed to do the hand-over-hand motion for turns, for the same reason.

Honestly, though, I get a little nervous if I see someone driving with either of these hand positions. To me that says NEW, NERVOUS DRIVER!

Here's what the experts say.






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