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Half of Couples Admit They Hate Shopping Together . . . Here are the Top 10 Things They Fight About When They Do

Nov 19, 2012 -- 7:34am


It might be a good idea to go solo on your holiday shopping trips this year.  Because it's REALLY not a good opportunity for a couples bonding trip.


According to a new survey, HALF of couples admit they actually HATE shopping together.  A quarter of couples have gotten into a fight during a shopping trip where one of them has stormed out of the store.


And 17% say they've ALMOST BROKEN UP . . . or ACTUALLY broken up . . . over a fight that started during a shopping trip.


The survey also found the top 10 things couples fight about during shopping trips.  Check 'em out . . .



#1.)  Is the item "needed"?


#2.)  Taking too long to decide.


#3.)  How much someone's spending.


#4.)  One wants it, one doesn't.


#5.)  Visiting a ton of stores, then going back to the first one to buy something.


#6.)  What brand to buy.


#7.)  How something looks.


#8.)  The size of an item.


#9.)  The color of an item.


#10.)  One person gets BORED.






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