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Twilight Star Zones Out On Brad Paisley

Nov 19, 2012 -- 3:09pm
Brad Paisley has been in show biz for a lot of years, so he gets recognized pretty much anywhere he goes. Especially around Nashville. That is until one day when he crossed paths with Twilight pin-up boy, Robert Pattinson in Music City at the world renowned Gruhn's Guitar shop.
R-Pats (what his adoring, mostly young, mostly female fans call him) was looking to buy a new six-string when Brad approached the novice player and offered to give him a few pointers. The British actor gladly accepted, not realizing that he was getting his lessons from a Counrty superstar.
As Robert later admitted to Jimmy Fallon on his late-night talk show, "I went to the special room upstairs. There was a guy there in a baseball cap and he was just playing guitars. He was kinda one of those guitar people who just seem really impressive, but he just seemed like a normal guy and was really sweet..I just thought it was a guy who worked there. I just had no idea who he was ... I bought a couple little instruments and that was that."
What Brad needs to do the next time they meet is extend his right hand and intoduce himself by saying, "Hi, I'm Brad Paisley. And you are?"
Check out the video of Brad's performance of the new single "Southern Comfort Zone" during the 2012 CMA Awards.
Source: The Boot 

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