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Dolphins-Seahawks Game Gets Wet 'N' Wild

Nov 26, 2012 -- 2:03pm
You know that TV commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings where the bartender contacts his inside man at the football stadium who then activates the sprinklers on the field to ensure the game goes into overtime? Well, in an example of life imitating art (as much as a TV commercial can be considered art) a similar situation actually happened during the Dolphins-Seahawks game at Sun Life Stadium on Sunday afternoon.
With 1:40 left in the 3rd quarter, as the two teams were huddling up, the sprinkler system mysteriously came to life, dousing the players and officials for about 30 seconds. It was laugh out loud funny and would have been all the more funny if the sudden spraying would have begun during a play.
By the way, the Dolphins went on to eke out a 24-21 win.
In case you missed it, take a look at the video of the unexpected shower. 

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