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Here are the Top Six Ways You'll Get Injured On Christmas

Dec 19, 2012 -- 9:07am

It's hard to imagine a worse Christmas activity than a family trip to the emergency room because you hurt yourself.  Even watching"Jingle All the Way" with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and SINBAD sounds better than that.


A new survey of people over 45 by the American Osteopathic Association came up with this list of the top six ways people get hurt around Christmas.  So be careful with all of these . . .


#1.)  Slipping and falling on ice.


#2.)  Shoveling snow.


#3.)  Participating in winter sports.


#4.)  Shopping.


#5.)  Accidents traveling.


#6.)  Wrapping presents.  Yes, 7% of people said they've suffered some kind of physical pain in the past from wrapping presents.



The survey also found that 45% of women and 39% of men who hurt themselves during the holidays will try to ignore the pain until after Christmas.


(American News Report)



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