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Lee Brice's New Son: Five Ways He's Better Than a Grammy

Dec 11, 2013 -- 9:31am


Lee Brice welcomed a son and received his firstGrammy nomination within a matter of days.

His baby boy, Ryker Mobley Brice, was born Wednesday (Dec. 4), Brice and his wife Sarah Reevely announced Sunday on Twitter. And while I'm sure he's honored his recording of "I Drive Your Truck"received Grammy nominations for best country solo performance and song of the year, no award could ever come close to the blessing of a new child. Here's why:

1. Ryker is much more substantial than a Grammy trophy. Those little gold gramophones weigh a little over 5 pounds, but Ryker came in at nearly twice that -- 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

2. A Grammy award could potential be lonely, sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. But Ryker has a big brother -- Takoda, 4 -- who I'm sure will be spending lots of quality time with him.

3. Brice tweeted the news, saying that his heart was full. "A week ago, I didn't think I could be any happier. I was wrong. Our brand new baby boy Ryker Mobley Brice was born healthy. My heart is full. Sara is the strongest and most amazing woman I know. She did so good, and he is perfect." Grammys just don't elicit that kind of emo-tweet. 

4. Artists love getting Grammys, but Grammys don't love you back. They don't fall asleep in your arms, hold your hand or have heart-to-heart, man-to-man talks the way sons do. 

5. Sons always end up in songs. Grammys rarely do.


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