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Who does Florida Georgia Line want in their next video?

Jan 06, 2014 -- 9:11am

This will be the most country music video this year....I VOTE YES!


Brian and Tyler of Florida Georgia Line recently talked to Glamour magazine about the whirlwind experience of 2013 and what lies ahead for them. During one rapid-fire question segment they talked about which movie star they’d love to have in one of their videos, and surprisingly, Tyler said, “The dancer guy that every girl has a crush on! What’s his name? … Channing Tatum.” Brian was not exactly on board with that answer, but Tyler explained, “Who wouldn’t want Channing Tatum in their music video? I mean, obviously we already have hot girls in our videos, so I’d want Channing Tatum!”

With all the new experiences they encountered last year, the guys say some of the things they weren’t prepared for were being away from home so much, the media and their incredibly passionate fans. Tyler told Glamour, “I think the amount of time we have to spend away from our family and friends back home sometimes—it was expected, but sometimes we’ll think, “Wow, it has been six weeks since we’ve been home.” It can wear you out a little bit. And to be honest, in the beginning, I didn’t even know media was such a thing or involved in music. I thought as an artist you just get to go play songs every night, so it’s cool and part of it, but it’s something I learned that is part of this job and personally never even thought of it.”

Brian says when he hears about some of the things fans will do just to meet them or win tickets to their shows, or the way they show their support, “It’s amazing to see such passionate fans… Nobody told us how cool and passionate our fans would be.”

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