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Carlene Carter’s new album will pay tribute to her famous family

Jan 23, 2014 -- 2:12pm

We will soon hear new music from Carlene Carter with her upcoming album ‘Carter Girl’ set for release March 25th on Rounder Records. Carlene, the daughter of June Carter Cash and her first husband, Carl Smith, as well as the granddaughter of Maybelle Carter, the songstress hopes to share rich musical heritage with each song on the new record.

“The songs on the album cover three generations of Carter Family music,” she explains (quote via Roughstock.com). “The original Carter Family (A.P., Sara, and Maybelle); momma’s ‘Tall Lover Man’ and Helen’s ‘Poor Old Heartsick Me’; then two of mine: ‘Me and the Wildwood Rose’ and a new song about momma and John’s passing called ‘Lonesome Valley 2003.’”

The 58-year-old enlisted several of her musical friends to join her on the record, including Vince GillWillie NelsonKris Kristofferson and Elizabeth Cook, as well as her husband, Joe Breen, and cousin, Lorrie Carter Bennett.

“From the day I first touched a guitar or piano, my mom said, ‘You have to carry on the legacy of the Carter Family music,’” Carter adds. “‘It’s supposed to be passed on and passed around.’” MORE

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