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What Does Carrie Underwood Do For Girls Night?

Feb 26, 2014 -- 5:49am

I wasn't the least bit surprised when I found out TAYLOR SWIFT likes playing dress-up with her friends.  It fits her personality.  But I never pegged CARRIE UNDERWOOD as someone who would get all "girlie" with her friends.


She tells BellaSugar.com, quote, "I have a lot of wigs because I did this video shoot where I was doing fun, different characters.  I was a photographer and a waitress and then I was the president. 


"So now, my girlfriends and I will get together and play cards, and we're just wearing these wigs.  I'm sure if anybody is driving by my house, they're like, 'What are these crazy people doing?'  But we just have fun.  


"The last time we got together, we ended up painting one of my girlfriend's toenails.  We just like getting together, having fun, being girlie, and having a glass of wine.  And we talk about everything."

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