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Keith Urban Quit School at 15 Because He Found It "Hopeless"

Apr 09, 2014 -- 5:02am

KEITH URBAN went all-in on his career at a very young age.  He kind of had to because he wasn't exactly a star in the classroom.

He said, quote, "I quit school at 15.  I was hopeless at school.  I was out.  I would've left sooner if I could, but you've gotta legally stay until you're 15 [in Australia]."  Naturally, Keith doesn't recommend kids take the same route he did.  He adds, quote, "Look, I'm always very careful to not have parents think I support kids leaving school at a young age, because I don't necessarily.

"All I can speak [to] is my own experience . . . the biggest education I got was when I hit the road and got life's education.  That was everything school didn't have to teach me at the time."

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