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Don't Worry About The Whole Lip Syncing Thing Rascal Flatts, Dick Clark's Son Has Your Back. Sorta

Apr 15, 2014 -- 5:31am

You may recall that a case of laryngitis forced GARY LEVOX to lip-synch when RASCAL FLATTS performed at the ACMs.  Well, an ACM producer named R. A. CLARK is defending him. 


He says quote, "Plenty of people have lip-synched on our show.  There are a lot of activities in Las Vegas with concerts, private shows, radio remotes . . . there is a lot of talking."


"Not to mention the lack of humidity and hotel air.  Some artists can only handle so much."  Which kind of sounds like a back-handed compliment.


And R. A. Clark would know . . . he's produced eight ACMs, although not this year's edition.  And he's the son of DICK CLARK, who made the ACMs what they are today.

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