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Who's Coming Back to Country Music!?

Apr 16, 2014 -- 6:23am





Chesney released his most recent album, ‘Life on a Rock,’ in 2012, supported by an enormous tour that was one of the top-grossing road treks across all genres. He announced in August of 2013 that he would not tour in 2014.

“I love touring more than anyone in the world,” Chesney said. “I love the band, the crew, the whole team — and it’s weird to not be looking at next year’s stage design, but I shouldn’t make albums to service the tour. So I’m going to put the music first, dial it back and do the strangest thing in the world: not hit the road next summer.”
‘Life on a Rock’ was a step in a more contemplative direction for Chesney, with the hit single ‘When I See This Bar’ almost like a mini-documentary of his life. He explains that as he grows older, he wants his music to reflect more of who he really is, instead of just putting out new songs to satisfy demand.
“It’s a lot harder to find those songs than you’d think,” he observes, “and writing takes time — to think, to live, to be.”
The 46-year-old has so far been keeping to his word this year, with few public appearances and only a handful of social media postings since January. His sole live performance of the year will take place on June 7, when he’ll appear at George Strait‘s final concert in Dallas.




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