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Misty Brown of West Palm Beach $103
James McNeil of Boynton Beach $309
Derek Baehr of Port St. Lucie $103
Kacey Wilcoxson of Stuart $103
Stefanie Saccoccio of Jupiter $103
Robin Kauffman of Palm Springs $309
Adina Howley of Boynton Beach $103
Brice Wasielak of Fort Pierce $103
Dina Smith of Royal Palm Beach $206
David Labounty of West Palm Beach $103
Danny Eagle of Port St. Lucie $103
Sandy Jesteadt of Palm Beach Gardens $206
Glinda Steinbach of Jupiter $103
Vincent Juback of Palm Beach Gardens $103
Dale Fox of Lake Worth $206
Bryan Chick of Stuart $206
Melissa Storey of Loxahatchee $103
Vicki Stallings of Lake Worth $103
Mike Webb of West Palm Beach $103
April Costa of Lake Worth $103
Katie Price of Delray Beach $103
Danny Gorman of Boynton Beach $103
Corey Castle of Lake Worth $103
David Thulin of Boynton Beach $206  
Ronald Throop of West Palm Beach $103
Melody Warrick of Lake Worth $103
Adele Mainville of Jupiter $103
Mary Anne Bender of Port Saint Lucie $103
Barry Rodberg of Wellington $206
Ashley Poulette of Lake Worth $206
Kimberly Krieg of Royal Palm Beach $206
LeAnna McMurtry of Lake Worth $206
Michael Sutherland of Greenacres $206
Natasha Duvall of Boynton Beach $206
Paul McDonald of Boynton Beach $309
David Major of Royal Palm Beach $103
Michelle Browning of Jupiter $103
Chris Weber of Royal Palm Beach $103
Donald Powell of Belle Glade $103
Nicole Hayes of Wellington $206
Dawn Miller of Boynton Beach $206
Mary Timmerman of Stuart $103
Dawn Brow of Loxahatchee $309
Michael Small of Loxahatchee $103
Scott Cassone of Wellington $206
Timothy Alfredson of Palm Beach Gardens $103
Katie Bouyea of Jupiter $309
Chad Brannon of Jupiter $206
Jennifer Hodgemire of Vero Beach $103
Lisa McKeon of Port St. Lucie $103

Michael Henn of West Palm Beach $309
Michael Mayorga of Fort Pierce $206

Eric Sessions of Palm Springs $309
Marina Haddad of Royal Palm Beach $206

Joseph Turbush of Okeechobee $103
Jennifer Martin of Fort Pierce $103
Barry Staley of Port Saint Lucie $103
Tara Nannini of Lantana $103
Autumn Peek of Loxahatchee $309
Jamie Moxley of Wellington $309
Don Workman of Loxahatchee $206
Melissa Soich of Port Saint Lucie $824
Nathan Vreeland of Lake Worth $103
David Wuchte of Fort Pierce $ 103
Lawrence Neumann of West Palm Beach $824
Sean Wilcox of Loxahatchee $206
Jennifer Pollack of Indiantown $206
Jennifer Shand of West Palm Beach $206
Shawn Owens of Okeechobee $824
Dennis Quarels of Loxahatchee $721
Tim Ewer of Palm Beach Gardens $103
Kim Simon of Riviera Beach $103
Glenn Willett of Loxahatchee $103
David Hafner of Indiantown $103
Roy Smith of Loxahatchee $309
Steve Lewis of Loxahatchee $412
Debbie Thrash of Loxahatchee $103
Jennifer Manasco of Boynton Beach $206
Vanessa Nicholson of Jupiter $721
Dawn Rogg of Greenacres $824
Corene Wholecheese of Delray Beach $103
Paul Heckler of West Palm Beach $206
Scott Drinkwater of Palm Beach Gardens $206
Jodi Potter of Jupiter $103
Paul Guitard of Loxahatchee $206
Ben Winkler of Lake Worth $618
Keith Giffels of Palm Beach Gardens $309
Kim Eck of Loxahatchee $412
Patty McLeod of Lake Worth $206
Hope Scammell of Palm City $309
Clint Courson of Okeechobee $206
Drew Petonick of West Palm Beach $103
Amie Oquist of Port St Lucie $103
Karen Moreno of West Palm Beach $515
Colleen Reiser of West Palm Beach $618
Lisa Brown of Royal Palm Beach $721
Melissa Nixon of Wellington $103
Heather Campagna of Coconut Creek $103
Bobbie Gibson of Port St Lucie $618
Christopher Moss of Palm Beach Gardens $412
Billy Pinkerton of Greenacres $103
Scott Mason of Boca Raton $309
Stacey Panaro of Stuart $309
Gordan Cash of Wellington $412
Jim Eddy of
Loxahatchee $103
Sean Prevatt of Royal Palm Beach $515
Troy Stone of Stuart $103
Elaine Chabot of Fort Pierce $103
Vanessa Gammons of Greenacres $1339


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