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NFL Suspends Adrian Peterson Without Pay for the Rest of Season

Nov 18, 2014 -- 9:48am


The NFL announced its highly anticipated ruling Tuesday morning, stating that the Minnesota Vikings star running back will not be considered for reinstatement before April 15, 2015, for violating the league's personal conduct policy.


MSA/Icon Sportswire
Adrian Peterson won't be eligible for reinstatement until April 15, 2015, the league announced Tuesday. Peterson will appeal immediately, a source said.
The NFL Players Association released a statement later Tuesday morning, announcing that it will appeal Peterson's suspension because "the discipline imposed is inconsistent."

Peterson was indicted in September on a felony charge of injury to a child for using a wooden switch to discipline his 4-year-old son earlier this year. But the All-Pro pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of misdemeanor reckless assault earlier this month, setting the stage for the NFL's ruling.

The league announced Peterson's suspension in a lengthy statement, citing "an incident of abusive discipline that he inflicted on his four-year-old son."

The statement also included excerpts of a letter to Peterson written by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has required that Peterson undergoes counseling and treatment in order to be reinstated.

"We are prepared to put in place a program that can help you to succeed, but no program can succeed without your genuine and continuing engagement," Goodell wrote in the letter. "You must commit yourself to your counseling and rehabilitative effort, properly care for your children, and have no further violations of law or league policy."

Peterson's case revived a debate about corporal punishment, which is on the decline in the U.S. but still widely practiced in homes and schools. Peterson has repeatedly claimed that he never intended to harm his son and was disciplining him in the same way he had been as a child growing up in East Texas.

Goodell, however, expressed concern in his letter that Peterson does not "fully appreciate the seriousness of your conduct."

"You have shown no meaningful remorse for your conduct," Goodell's letter said. "When indicted, you acknowledged what you did but said that you would not 'eliminate whooping my kids' and defended your conduct in numerous published text messages to the child's mother. You also said that you felt 'very confident with my actions because I know my intent.'

"These comments raise the serious concern that you do not fully appreciate the seriousness of your conduct, or even worse, that you may feel free to engage in similar conduct in the future."

The boy suffered cuts, marks and bruising to his thighs, back and on one of his testicles, according to court records. Goodell cited those injuries in his letter to Peterson.

"The difference in size and strength between you and the child is significant, and your actions clearly caused physical injury to the child," Goodell's letter said. "While an adult may have a number of options when confronted with abuse -- to flee, to fight back, or to seek help from law enforcement -- none of those options is realistically available to a four-year old child.

"Further, the injury inflicted on your son includes the emotional and psychological trauma to a young child who suffers criminal physical abuse at the hands of his father."

The NFL stated that Peterson and the union did not provide the league with information that "would be relevant to evaluating Peterson's conduct." The league also claimed that Peterson, his representatives and the union would not participate in a disciplinary hearing that had been scheduled for last week.

The union responded with its statement, which cited a "credibility gap" within the NFL's disciplinary process.

"The decision by the NFL to suspend Adrian Peterson is another example of the credibility gap that exists between the agreements they make and the actions they take," the NFLPA statement said. "Since Adrian's legal matter was adjudicated, the NFL has ignored their obligations and attempted to impose a new and arbitrary disciplinary proceeding.

"The facts are that Adrian has asked for a meeting with Roger Goodell, the discipline imposed is inconsistent and an NFL executive told Adrian that his time on the Commissioner's list would be considered as time served. The NFLPA will appeal this suspension and will demand that a neutral arbitrator oversee the appeal. We call on the NFL Management Council to show our players and our sponsors leadership by committing to collective bargaining so a fair personal conduct policy can be implemented as quickly as possible."



Luke Bryan Breaks CMA Awards Record With 13 Second Hug

Nov 11, 2014 -- 10:49am


A lot of records were broken at last week's CMA Awards, including the longest televised hug in the event's history when Luke Bryan embraced his wife Caroline when he was named entertainer of the year.

It lasted 13 seconds. That may not seem like a long time, but go back in history to find a longer-lasting hug. You won't.

Even when Bryan, who could definitely be categorized as a hugger, wrapped his arms around Dierks Bentley and Garth Brooks, those were more of the bro-hug variety. And less than two seconds each.

But when Brooks called his name, Bryan embraced his wife like his life depended on it.

At the time, I wondered if he might skip his acceptance speech altogether and just stay right there in her arms with his face buried in the crook of her neck. After what seemed like a lifetime, Bryan finally let her go and walked to the stage for his first-ever acceptance speech at the CMA Awards.

Brooks, who hadn't graced the CMA Awards stage since 2005, told the crowd, "Yes, it's been a while, but you never forget the feeling of winning this award right here." Brooks would know. He won entertainer of the year four times -- in 1991, 1992, 1997 and 1998.

So after Bryan's two-second hug with Brooks, he made his way to the microphone to express his gratitude. But before he even said a word, he just stared at the seven pounds of handblown Italian crystal in his hands for a few seconds and then, as if the aforementioned hug was not enough to tell his wife how much she meant to him, he winked at her.

Other than the hug, that wink was the second best subtle moment of intimacy on television that night.

In fact, if there was a CMA Award for most genuinely loving spouse of the year, Bryan probably would've won that one, too. 



Jeff Gordon & Brad Keselowski Fight After Race in Texas

Nov 03, 2014 -- 10:04am

Jose Canseco Accidentally Shot Himself...OUCH!

Oct 29, 2014 -- 9:00am

Former baseball slugger Jose Canseco accidentally shot himself in his left finger while cleaning a gun, police said.
He was in surgery Tuesday night, his fiancee tweeted.

"This is Leila . Thank you all for the kind words and prayers . Jose is in still surgery and will be ok. Please pray for his finger !!," she said in a tweet posted to his account.


Canseco, who hit more than 450 home runs during his 17 seasons in the big leagues, was hit when his semiautomatic handgun accidentally went off, Las Vegas police said.


Canseco won the American League Rookie of the Year award in 1986 and was the league MVP two years later while with the Oakland A's.
A controversial figure and admitted steroid user, he claimed there was widespread use of performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball.


Brantley Gilbert Engaged!??

Oct 21, 2014 -- 9:05am

Looks like Brantley Gilbert is moving on! Sources are reporting that Brantley is engaged. Hard to believe because most of us didn't even know he had a girlfriend.

Brantley never mentioned her name, but he did say that "he met this little girl 10 years ago" and most of his songs are about her - and she was the one who got away about 5 years ago, but he finally got her back and said "I've never been happier."

Brantley said she is a school teacher and the wedding is planned for the end of November.


Hmmmm This Water Doesn't Look Appealing....

Oct 16, 2014 -- 9:37am
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